Welcome to the Official Laser Challenge V2 ELS system FAQ/Hack. Created and Copyrighted 2000 by Alex Smith (Ashlawn Kemling). It is illegal to reproduce this document in part or in whole without consent of the author. I am not responsible for any damage you do to yourself or personal property.

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How the ELS system works.

In this document I will describe how the ELS system works and how to build an adaptor for the ELS port that can turn on and off features of the gun.

How the Laser Challenge V2 ELS system works. Ever notice that after you get ten hits when using the ELS system you can't fire the gun anymore? The pins on the ELS adapter work in pairs. So by breaking the connection between the a pair of pins the ELS can disable the fire, reset, reload, or max buttons and disable the IR Led, lights, and sound. If you decide to test the pins like I did for the fun of it don't use a paper clip! I used small paper clips, but they were just a little larger then the dummy plug pins so when I insert the paper clips into the holes it stretched the metal on the inside of the black socket and dummy plug doesn't make contact with the metal inside the socket anymore.

Look at the bottom of the gun and have the front of gun pointing to the right of yourself. The numbers below corresponed to the holes on the socket.

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Pairs are show as #,#. Single numbers are show as #,x or x,# the x meaning no number. Warning! You shouldn't stray from these wirings because you might fry you gun. I almost did!

01,11 - Unused, No wires hooked up to it.

02,12 - Reset button. Enable/Disable

03,13 - Arm/Reload button. Enable/Disable

04,14 - Trigger/Fire button. Enable/Disable

05,15 - Max blast button. Enable/Disable

06,16 - Light control. Enable/Disable

07,17 - IR Led control. Enable/Disable

08,18 - Connected together allows the start up sound and it also produces the 30 second sound. This is probably just the sound connector.

09,x - Unused, No wire hooked up to it.

10,x - Unused, No wire hooked up to it.

x,19 - Unknown, See warning below. Possibly negative power supply for an ELS adaptor. (It has a black wire.) May also be a data line.

x,20 - Unknown, See warning below. Possibly positive power supply for an ELS adaptor. (It has a red wire.) May also be a data line.

19,20 - WARNING! Do not connect these two pins together unless you want to fry your gun! I was figuring these two pins went together because they didn't have any pins above them, but I was wrong. My gun started to smoke and I quickly removed the thin paper clip I was using to connect the pins together and the gun still seems to work, but you might not be so lucky. I'm betting these two pins are the power supply for an ELS adaptor because that would make sense of why the gun started to smoke because I more than likely created a short curcuit.

I'm unsure how the sensor pack communicates with the ELS adaptor attached to the gun, but hopefully I will figure it out or someone else will. It more than likely uses data communication which I would probably would end up using the serial port on the back of my computer to see what it gives off, but I don't want to take to the chance of burning up my serial port or sensor pack.

How to build a "Feature" Adaptor

(Unfinshed Plans)

What is the feature adaptor good for? The feature adaptor allows you to enable/disable the features on the gun. So you could play a game with no MAX blasts which would make it a bit harder for that sharp shooter. You could also disable the light on the top of the gun for a night game so you are totally invisible. No modifications to the gun will be needed. To build one of these adaptors you need to know how to use a soldering iron and have some working knowledge of electronics.



DIP Switch

(Note: This is an eight switch DIP switch. You need a six switch DIP switch.)

Small peice of PCB

(This wasn't the size I was looking for, but it works.)

Do not solder anything unless I say it is ok to solder.